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Petitioning Parks Manager, City of Tokyo Mr. Shikata Tetsuya and 3 others

Parks Manager, City of Tokyo: Allow demonstrations to take place in Hibiya Park on November 11th!


"One Million Strong Against Nukes! Everyone gather at Hibiya Park!" That was the plan, put together by the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes. But I read online today that the City has denied permission to use the park.

To be blunt, my first reaction one was of great surprise: "What do you mean, we can't use the park? We've used it so many times before!"

Isn't it a good thing for the park to be used by lots of people? For all the reasons cited for denying permission, it's hard to believe it's not "because it's a demonstration".

I've attended every demonstration at Hibiya Park since after the nuclear accident last year. All the people who go to these demonstrations are thinking about the future of Japan, and thinking about the possibilities of a new future as they participate. These events really are the "hope" for a new Japan right now. Now, the City is taking an attitude that "you need permission in order to do anything" -- in other words, "respect those above you" -- a blow that strikes right at the heart of Japanese democracy. We are just beginning to see the seeds of real democratic action here in Japan. We can't let the authorities trample this fledgeling movement that has come about after 3.11.

We have just a few day before November 11th when the demonstration is scheduled to take place in Hibiya Park. Please urgently sign and share my petition! I plan to deliver the signatures and comments on Friday morning to the Parks Manager.


Letter to
Parks Manager, City of Tokyo Mr. Shikata Tetsuya
Tokyo Parks Association Mr. Yoshikawa Kazuo
Vice Governor of Tokyo Mr. Inose Naoki
and 1 other
City of Tokyo - Office of Parks & Greenery - Eastern Division
Dear Sir:

The Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes has requested the use of Hibiya Park as a gathering place for a demonstration on Sunday, November 11th. The City Parks Manager, despite precedent of demonstrations being held in Hibiya Park since the Taisho period and peaceful demonstrations being held there in both March and July, denied the request yesterday.

Denials to use the parks should not be based on political ideology. Hibiya Park has long been used as a place for peaceful demonstrations. To deny the use of the park is to limit free speech and democracy.

We respectfully request that you allow the park to be used on Sunday, November 11th, for the peaceful demonstration. Thank you for your time and consideration.