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Sunshine Village should build a parkade

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There is clearly inadequate parking at Sunshine Village.  On busy ski days, cars are frequently parked along the 8km access road all the way down to the highway.  This is bad for everyone: it disturbs habitat for wildlife, it's a nuisance for customers, and lots of idling cars and buses emit a lot of car exhaust.

Shuttle buses sound like a simple solution - but skiers still have to drive from their homes or hotels and park somewhere - and there are no large public parking structures anywhere near SSV, including in the town of Banff.  Moreover, skiers and boarders carry a lot of equipment to/from the hill, making use of buses a problem for a typical car-load of 3-5 people.

Some of the access road is vulnerable to avalanches and Parks rightly prevents parking in some segments of this road.  The access road is not ideal for many other reasons too - it's inconvenient, it necessitates buses to run up and down to ferry skiers and boarders between their vehicles and the gondola base station, and the net result is pollution and dangerous driving/walking conditions.

Apparently Parks is considering disallowing parking along the entire access road.  This would be unfriendly to park visitors and - by encouraging earlier arrivals - would likely cause people to speed more on the highway and might lead to car accidents, injuries or even deaths.  An outright ban on road-side parking is almost certainly not the right solution, at least if taken as a sole measure.

This petition calls for SSV and Parks Canada to work together to build a multi-level parking structure on the existing surface parking.  This would increase capacity without disturbing any new land, reduce the hazard and pollution of cars idling along the access road and make SSV more pleasant and attractive to regulars, visitors and wildlife alike.

Key points:
* No new land disturbed for either the parkade or to bring in equipment and supplies.
* Simple construction - just a 2-3 level parkade over the existing surface lot.
* Good for wildlife - calmer situation on the access road.
* Good for the environment - fewer idling cars.
* Good for tourism in the Banff area - easier access to a magnificent, well managed landscape.
* Good for public safety, as the current 'race for parking' would be abated rather than made worse.
* Good for Alberta's economy, which could certainly use a boost right now.
* Good candidate for use of promised Federal infrastructure spending.

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