The Pen that writes future shouldn’t harm one!- Let’s use less plastic in packaging...

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The other day, I went with my sister to buy a Parker pen to gift my uncle as it is one of the most renowned beautiful  pen. But, I was wondering why does that beautiful pen requires so much of packaging with plastic when the utility of the pen remains the same with or without packaging.

Every day we see our Earth getting loaded with more and more waste, so why not take a step to reduce it in every little way we can. I think being one of the most respected company, Parker should lead the pen companies to reduce the amount of packaging and help save our environment.

Some of the Parker pens are first packed inside a plastic box and then again packed using plastic covering which I think can be reduced to either a box or a cover. I urge to reduce the plastic requirement in the packaging of parker pens and reduce the unwanted waste.

Plastic in packaging is used for safety and charm but actually it is destroying earth’s charm and jeopardising Our Mother Earth.

“Let’s not cover the beautiful pens with double layering of plastic”