Direct more funding and focus to the maintenance of the Byrd Park area specifically at the three lakes (Fountain, Shields, and Swan Lake).

Direct more funding and focus to the maintenance of the Byrd Park area specifically at the three lakes (Fountain, Shields, and Swan Lake).

August 17, 2014
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Richmond City Council- 5th District Parker Agelasto and
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Byrd Park is one of the most popular Parks in Richmond. It is a destination that draws people into the city due to its central location and various family fun activities. Some of the top reasons people visit:

1) Richmond was Voted #1 in July 4th Celebrations in 2014: It is hard to beat the free live concert, cannon, and fireworks combo at Byrd Park! Thousands of people descend to Byrd Park to see the fireworks around the three lakes – this last year drawing its largest crowd yet!

2) Byrd Park is directly adjacent to Maymont Park and Nature Center (Voted #2 Attraction in Richmond on, Voted #1 Best Thing to do in Richmond on U.S. News Travel). Maymont Park draws hundreds of thousands of visitors per year and Byrd Park (near Swan and Shields Lake) is one of the main gateways.

3) This Park serves as the venue for the Festival of the Arts, Arts in the Park, Richmond Little League, mountain bike trails that are part of the Richmond Ride Center, VITA course, tennis, paddle boating, fishing, bird watching, picnic shelters, and numerous bike, walk, run races and is a source of direct revenue through facility rentals.

Byrd Park is a source of revenue (indirect and direct) that draws many people into the city. Without the much needed upkeep Byrd Park, and by extension, the City of Richmond, can easily get bad press that will keep visitors away.

Examples would be reports on Byrd Park and the Dead Fish in 2014:

Major improvements are needed such as dredging of the three lakes (which hasn’t occurred in decades, to help control the algae blooms every spring/ dying fish), fixing the collapsing water spring, repairing cracking sidewalks, picking up general debris, etc. Also, more staff and more reliable landscaping equipment are needed to help maintain the 200+acres of Byrd Park.

This area was better maintained when the Parks and Recreation Department was responsible for this area (vs Public Works) and when they had 8 people on staff. Now that the Parks and Recreation staff has been cut by more than half and they only do minor upkeep of the area, Byrd Park has been deteriorating.

This Park draws a significant number of people into the city to spend their money. We need more resources to go towards the maintenance of this wonderful park and maximize its potential to keep people coming back!

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This petition had 351 supporters

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