Park The Violence: Finish The John/Rebecca Park Now

In 2008 the City and Community of Beasley in Ward 2 began a 4-year planning process to build a new park in Downtown Hamilton, replacing a large parking lot.

In 2012, after reaching phase 5 of a 6-phase planning process, the Park's development halted and has never been resumed.

Since 2008 multiple violent crimes have occurred in our community at and around Club 77 (where the park would have been).

Most recently employee Vincent Lefaro was gunned down and killed. His 8 year old son is now fatherless due to a crime that could have been prevented and should never have happened.

We will not allow violent crime to continue in our neighbourhood, and want the City to commit to a permanent solution.

Our local area has increasingly been transformed in the last few years with new residents, businesses and stakeholders in the Core building a truly vibrant community. Though it's all illusion unless we take concrete steps to address violent crime.

We demand the City fulfill its promise to transform the lot into something that reflects the community and the commitment that residents and many local businesses have made to make it a better place to live, work and play.

Some facts:

- The planning process began in 2008

- The area for the park is already zoned to be a Park, and is included in the City's Secondary Plan

- There had been significant progress towards completing the planning process until it abruptly stopped in 2012

- Since 2008 there have been 3 shootings, stabbings, rape and assault at the Club 77 location reported in the press, and the club's business continues to present an immediate and significant threat to patron, employee and resident safety. There are more crimes which go unreported.

- The Beasely Neighbourhood Association (BNA) support this effort and wish to see our neighbourhood improved in a meaningful, permanent way.

- The SPRC supports the process to encourage residents to have a voice in how to make their neighbourhood a healthy and safe place for everyone.  

Here's a link to a compound PDF which includes 39 pages of materials regarding the planning of the Park over the years.

Here's a link to the Beasley Neighbourhood winter 2012 newsletter announcing the Park as if it were a done deal.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Ward 2 Councillor
    Jason Farr
  • Mayor of Hamilton
    Fred Eisenberger
  • Planning and Economic Development GM
    Jason Thorne
  • Director of Licensing
    Ken Leendertse
  • Manager of Landscape Architectural Services
    L Seely
  • Manager of Municipal Law Enforcement
    Marty Hazell
  • City Manager
    Chris Murray

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