Park City's Affordable Housing Crisis

Park City's Affordable Housing Crisis

November 10, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Studio Crossings

The Problem

Park City has a housing crisis. 

The Park City Board of Realtors 2019 2nd Quarter Statistics found that the median sales price for a home in Park City was $2.1 million. A family of three must earn 402% of median income to afford to purchase a home at the median sales price in Park City.

Park City imports thousands of workers daily, with more than 10,100 people commuting to work in Park City who live elsewhere. 

According to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the average monthly wage for leisure and hospitality (primary employment in Summit County) workers in 2019 was $2,583, or $30,996 per year. An annual salary of $30,996 is only 40 percent of the Summit County Area Median Income. Nearly 1,350 Park City households fall at or below 80 percent Area Median Income.

The Solution

Live Where You Work  - Studio Crossings at Quinn's Junction

Currently, the site is slated to become a hotel and film campus. This design will increase traffic and will not benefit the overall community. 

The Studio Crossings redesign will feature 125 affordable housing units

An additional 140 units will be designed for seniors ("aging in place") and young professionals. 

The redesigned community will create a 44% reduction in peak hour traffic.

Studio Crossings redesign will create 1,140,000 sqft of open space. The spaces include a wildflower garden, trails, sports courts, bouldering walls, and natural grass landscape.

Green Design - Studio Crossing will be Net Zero Ready and feature Solar panels, charging stations, high efficiency appliances, LED fixtures, and Dark Sky compliant site lighting.  

Park City's housing opportunities should be equitable and attainable for all people, regardless of race, gender, income, age, or background. We hope to build a community of affordable housing units to bridge the housing gap in Park City.

Lets bring private business and public interest together to help Park City achieve their goals.

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Signatures: 38Next Goal: 50
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Decision Makers

  • Andy BeermanPark City Mayor
  • Park City City Council
  • Park City Planning Commission