Help us be able to walk around Trinity village safely

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I would love to be able to walk around Trinity village safely with my children, walk them to school, walk to the shop and to friends' homes in and around the village. Please support this petition!

It is not currently safe for pedestrians to navigate round Trinity village – specifically pedestrians cannot walk between any of the following areas without going on to, or crossing, a busy road with no pavement or safe place to cross.

1.       housing around the Vesconte monument and quieter roads north of this

2.       parish hall, youth centre, small children’s play area, nursery, church

3.       pub, Trinity stores, and le Grand Clos

Despite an increase in housing and young families in Trinity village, there has been little change to the road layouts to improve safety for pedestrians.

Given the existing road layout, Rue de Presbytere and La Rue au Sellier could be one way roads in opposite directions, one north to south, the other south to north, similar to what is put in place informally on Hill Climb days.

This would create space on one side of these two roads for a pedestrian walkway – either a pavement, or a dedicated strip of road painted a different cover (like in Rue de Jambart in St. Clement - see pic).

As well as connecting the separate areas of the parish and allow villagers to get about safely on foot, it would also help to create a ‘centre’ for the village. Please sign this petition if you support this idea.

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