Parish Fields Forever

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We call upon Diss Town Council to use their powers to prevent construction of new houses on Parish Fields.

Parish Fields is an area of old parkland meadow in the heart of Diss, Norfolk. It is a precious part of the town's distinctive character and a big asset for local wildlife. In fact, Parish Fields is the town's green heart. John Betjeman in 1964 called it "a little bit of country coming right into town".

Now Parish Fields is under threat from built development. Every few years there is a plan to build on this site. Scott Properties Ltd now proposes to develop half the site for bungalow housing, and to open up the remainder for public access of some kind. Parish Fields is something special in Diss, and we should not trash it for the sake of just another up-market housing development. It deserves much better than that. There is plenty of locally available brownfield and low-sensitivity arable land that should be developed first.

Diss and District Neighbourhood Plan has been hijacked by this proposal to develop Parish Fields. The idea was floated in a public consultation in March, 2018. 500 responses were received, and 44 commented on the 'Local Issues' section which included the idea of developing Parish Fields. Only one person was unequivocally in favour of development and one person was cautiously in favour. The rest opposed it or had reservations of different kinds. What kind of a democratic mandate for developing Parish Fields is that?

So ...

We call upon Diss Town Council to use its powers to prevent construction of new houses on Parish Fields.

This ancient parkland meadow deserves a better fate than bungalows and garages. It could become a wonderful urban greenspace for the 21st century. All of it.

We have the will to preserve Parish Fields, and we'll find a way – with your help!!

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Parish Fields Forever!!