Parish Needs To Change And Listen To Their Student's Needs And Actually Do Something.

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Recently, Parish has approved of a quote by a 2020 senior: "In this country we have no place for hyphenated Americans" (Theodore Roosevelt). I feel strongly distraught by this whole debacle. I personally knew this senior and knew him as someone who is someone who often times defended the "controversial" ideals to have those debate esk conversations; I don't agree with him whatsoever, but I know people who have the same ideals as him. But the part that truly truly pisses me off, ticks me off, and makes me fully upset is that Parish let the quote be approved. To further the issue, they didn't do anything about it but deleted it and peeped down. 

I have been at Parish for some time, I'm afraid to state that throughout the years with Parish; I've learned and understood for the fact that not all decisions are made by one person. It's an institution. It's a business. It's reliant on many factors they need to please. I've understood, I've never rocked the boat. But I am actually distraught for not doing anything before and by the things I've witnessed Parish brush aside. 

Parish's initial promotion and advertisement is a sense of community, comfort, and trust. But I'm afraid to state that that is the thing that is tossed out of the window first in order to keep the school's ambiguous stance to try to not upset any person who funds and pays for the school to run. That may have been passing before, but times are changing. Times are changing and the things that passed as okay before can't be permitted now. Fostering opinions is not a bad thing, but fostering the concept that we are restricted by excuses is.

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