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As most of you know Parisa was murdered March 17 by Kevin Crane. I had known Parisa for almost 14 years. She was my sister. My best friend. The mother of two beautiful boys. Her two sons are under the best care by Parisa's family. The mother who raised Kevin Crane and murdered Parisa wants to fight us and obtain custody of Parisa’s sons. She wants to take them from a peaceful, loving... and caring home. We’ve been asked to show up to court with a crowd and show this woman that we will not back down and let her raise these two boys. Parisa would have never allowed anything like this to ever happen. I’m going to be there and stand by their side to support them and i ask that anyone else who can to please come stand next to me. We can’t do anything more for Parisa but these two boys have a long life ahead of them and we want it to be the best we can give them and allowing the courts to rule in her favor will not do Parisa’s murder any justice. Court will be held 4/2/18 at 10:30a in Los Angeles at 111 North Hill St Los Angeles CA 90012.

Please sign this petition so Kevin Crane's mother doesn't get custody of the children.