We need an appropriate Alternative middle school for children with disabilities .

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Every child learns differently. Some children need a little extra assistance in their education. Whether it be for children with mental disabilities, learning disabilities, physical disabilities etc;. Amesbury, MA does not have an alternative middle school or any form of assistance for children with disabilities that cannot attend and appropriately learn in a regular middle school. 

My daughter is a 13 year old cancer survivor. Not only has she fought a terrifying battle within herself physically, she also fights daily with herself mentally. After she survived cancer in 2014 she began an ongoing battle with other students at Amesbury Middle School. She began getting bullied due to being different, coping with difficult situations differently, learning differently than the other students. Due to being bullied and already struggling with herself mentally and physically she became hospitalized. She remained hospitalized for two weeks getting the help she needed.  She felt unsafe to go to Amesbury Middle School. She was in a mental health program for about 6 weeks. Still the bullying continued. I went to the school for an IEP meeting and the school felt my daughter should return to the Middle school and offered no alternative learning. The fight for alternative learning for my daughter went on for 3 years. My daughter is in middle school, she is an 8th grader and due to there being no alternative middle school my daughter is being forced to return into freshman classes at the alternative high school. Though the alternative school is an amazing school and my daughter will finally be getting the assistance she needs, she should be able to return to a middle school where she can safely learn the material she should be learning as an 8th grader. Amesbury middle school is not that place. Children who are bullied, need to be protected, children who have disabilities need to have an alternative way of learning, through all ages. Children need to have a safe way to learn. Amesbury needs an alternative middle school.