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Kinsley Geurds was welcomed with love on December 26, 2013. She joined her excited big brother Hayden, sisters Skylar, Maeve, and Fallon. Our family was complete! 

Our joy was short lived when at 2 months old Kinsley turned blue and required surgery.

With that began our journey into the world of loving  a child wirh complex medical needs. Spending a third of her life living in a hospital, over 40 operations /procedures, coded blue 5 times, and many other challenges  we are no closer to a diagnosis or a cure.

 Doctors across America believe she is one of a kind . She is surrounded by the best doctors and nurses who believe in her & dedicate themselves to keeping her healthy . 

Kinsley inspires us everyday with her strength , determination,and sense of humor. She has defied all odds.

Health Insurance denies and delays essential care to children like Kinsley everyday. They over ride the decisions made by attending doctors. This places our children in harm. Prolonged  hospital stays, preventable surgeries, and serious health decline are just a few of the examples of the consequences our children suffer at the hand of insurance . Exhausted parents fight everyday to keep their children healthy and alive . 

Please support Kinsley’s Bill A823.
Help Kinsley and  thousands of other children receive the best medical care available .

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