Support the health and safety of Comal ISD staff and students. Keep masks on!

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The Comal ISD board decided 5-2 to change the safety and health protocol for all district staff and students. This is done in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic without input from parents or staff. 

While the decision is left to parents to decide whether to wear masks, this compromises the health of many students and staff. Making masks optional for some puts undue stress and risk to students and staff and makes it more difficult to keep everyone safe. Not to mention the liability Comal ISD is subject to. 

Changing the mask protocol as the CoViD 19 vaccine is beginning to become available to educators is callous. The hasty decision without constituent input is unbecoming of elected officials. 

Keeping masks mandatory at Comal ISD will provide a safe and healthy environment where students and teachers can thrive. 

We ask the Comal ISD board of trustees to reconsider your decision. Keep masks mandatory for the remainder of the year or at least until all teachers have access to the vaccine.