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Men Also Face Discrimination .....

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   In our society, men are perceived to not suffer through any problems. People usually say this because of the injustices towards women in the workplace. However, there are many stereotypes that deeply affect the lives and personalities of men. We are constantly trying to adapt to norms set by our ignorant society. Getting told by your dad that “men never cry”, or you are “gay” for dressing a certain way is unacceptable. This is leading boys to being bullied, and potentially having further problems like depression or even suicidal thoughts. It is shocking to see that according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, men commit suicide 3.5 times more often than women. This is a national crisis that could only be stopped if we show our kids at an early age that it is not wrong to be different.

    To stop discrimination towards men, we want to target people that will really care. The most effective way to do this is educating parents, schools, and parents magazines about the importance of not trying to make your son fit society's expectations. By informing them, young boys won’t have to feel the pressure to fit  in with everybody else, and we will be able to show that diversity is what makes us all special. This will slowly change the views of society, and maybe one day, men can feel more confident to be who they truly are.

    You may wonder why you would listen to us, but we are are true victims of this problem. We are teenage boys in highschool that experience this everyday. One small mistake, and you will have the whole school attacking you, and calling you names. We are optimistic that this will one day change, and our kids won’t have to suffer through this.


Our goals are to stop the many types of discrimination we face. This includes men being portrayed as stupid, men having to look like super heroes, men dressing a certain way, gendered toys, and men having to act like they have no emotions. What is wrong with men feeling sad, or sometimes trying to relieve pain by crying ? This oppression towards men has to stop so we can one day have a more equal nation. Yes there will be some opposition such as feminist. They will say that we don’t have as many problems as women, but nobody should be discriminated and forced to comply with society’s  expectations. Will You help stop this issue ?


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