Stop the State taking over your parental rights and responsibilities

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(a) The Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) draft Bill was first announced in 2017 and was approved by Cabinet for publication thereof in the Government Gazette for public comment. Invitation for public comment was made on 13th October, 2017

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, has these past two weeks, been meeting with school unions and stakeholders to discuss BELA.Following her meetings, the bill will be taken to Parliament for assent and final signature by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The bill under consideration will also make amendments to the South African Schools act of 1996 and the Employment of Educators Act of 1998.

Two of the most concerning proposed changes include:

1)   The possibility of a prison sentence in cases where the parents of a learner, or any other person, prevents a learner who is subject to compulsory school attendance from attending school;

2)   Possible prison sentence for not registering home-schooled children with the Department of Education and strictly teaching the requirements around what curriculum they may be taught.

These are two of the proposed amendments that will have serious implications for Christian parents who do not want their children exposed to CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) on the grounds that it violates their faith, beliefs and conviction. Parents who may decide to withdraw their children from CSE classes are likely to face a prison sentence should this law be signed off by the President. We must, therefore oppose and petition against these laws as a matter of principle!!!

In discussing these amendments, Minister Angie Motshekga stated that “the State has overall responsibility for children”. This statement is confirmation that the State wants to take over parenting your children. Please sign this petition which will be forwarded to the Office of the President to demonstrate your serious concerns over the proposed BELA provisions and to also demonstrate that you still have primary and overall responsibility over your children.

Pearl Kupe,

On behalf of:

Kingdom Nation