Shift Completely to Online Classes

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With the second wave of Covid-19 in full swing and a drastic increase in overall cases, we request the administration of LGS 1A1 Junior Girls Branch to shift to online classes and halt all on-campus classes.

We, as parents, do not wish to put at risk the lives of our kids or our families or the lives of the respected teachers, school staff or the school administration by continuing any physical gathering/interaction on a continued basis.

Global Cases of Covid 19 have passed 58.2 million with 1.38 million deaths. (1) There are over 3.7 lacs confirmed cases in Pakistan at this very moment. (2) Latest research from Harvard University has confirmed children being silent carriers and potential spreader of this virus. The study further notes that vulnerable adults living in same household as school-going children are at a high risk of being infected with the virus considering that children are carriers. (3)

Countries like the USA are imposing curfew across states to slow the spread of Covid-19 and avoid gatherings. (4) Schools in Mumbai are to remain closed till December 31; a change from the earlier decision to reopen them from November 23, as the metropolis witnesses an upward trend in COVID-19 cases. (5) In such a case, we should also look into ways to flatten our rising curve and consider shifting to online classes very seriously.

We as parents of your students have tried our best to adjust to the drastically changing teaching methods during Covid19 and have been cooperating at every stage. We also applaud the school's and it's dedicated staff's effort to adjusting to these changing and trying times and trying their levels best in continuing the education system.

However, in the given scenario, we again request the administration to consider our petition, halt all on campus classes and shift completely to online classes with the upcoming test/exams being conducted online too.

Thanks & Regards,

Parents of Students of LGS 1A1 Ghalib Market Branch, Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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