safety of women against rapists and stalkers and women rights

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i was stalked by 2 men on a bike the other day and this isn't just once it has happened many times. Despite being covered for head to toe they kept staring at me and followed me till my house. I mean that what happened with me is nothing compared to what happens with thousands of girls on a daily basis every minute, every second. Daily we see politicians and news discuss this topic but no action has been taken which can put a stop to this. The other day in the news it said that girls are responsible for their rapes and that they should be punished as well! I cant believe it, how can they say such a thing! Do you really think we women really want to get raped or harassed by men and then after that fight for equality and right against exploitation. I tried to bring out awareness in my own society through a petition but the reviews and comments me and my friend were utterly disgusting,vile and annoying. I also wrote letters to our respected Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi but i got no response. I am trusting you all to help me in this. Since women safety is a much debated and heated topic of discussion in our country, please help me.