SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST - NO to ReOpening Chula Vista Schools Until ALL People Are Safe

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We strongly urge Chula Vista Elementary School District to fully reopen schools when it can be safely done using an informed, science-based approach. 

From Concerned Parents of SDUSD: All predictive models from national and international scientific experts who study COVID-19 clearly show expected exponential surges in infections and deaths, particularly over the next 6 months. Especially as we are entering flu season, we urge you to please follow the expert scientific guidance recently received by an expert panel of 9 public health and infectious disease experts from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) with regard to when and how to return, as outlined in detail here

A return to normalcy is preferred by all people of Chula Vista. At this time, we are not in a position to do so safely yet. Other countries that were able to fully reopen schools had very low COVID-19 case rates or widespread fast turnaround testing, as well as contact tracing that helped control the virus from the outset. Most experts agree that neither is the case for San Diego County, CA and Chula Vista, CA. Fully reopening our large, underfunded school district now (when we are in the Red Zone, on the verge of Purple) will cause an exponential rise in spread and sharply increase the likelihood of a subsequent full shutdown in Chula Vista. This will negatively affect our children, local businesses, and increase unnecessary deaths of our fellow Chula Vista residents.

According to the SD Union-Tribune, "confirmed COVID-19 cases in a southern San Diego ZIP code appear to be growing at nearly double the daily rate as the rest of the county.  South Chula Vista, which has the second highest number of coronavirus cases — some 490 cases as of Thursday — ranks in the No. 2 spot when it comes to the virus’ daily growth rate. Data show the area has added nearly eight new cases every day since the end of March."

Sign the petition and Demand a NO to Reopening Chula Vista Elementary Schools Until we are ALL SAFE.

From Safety Always First; Parents ReDefining Safety:

Superintendent Francisco Escobedo and Chula Vista Elementary School District has recently proposed reopening Chula Vista Elementary Schools late October.

While they are providing an option for families to continue distance learning; this proposal to reopen the schools puts educators, school staff and the overall community of Chula Vista at greater risk. In July we had witnessed an increase of covid-19 cases at 30 a day at the onslaught of the first reopening. Due to much efforts by multiple organizations of campaign awarenesses and messaging a slight downtrend has helped keep Chula Vista and South Bay safer from Covid-19. Yet the reality is those numbers throughout San Diego County is steadily increasing. Even Chula Vista's Mayor Casillas Salas herself stated, “We still have to remain cautious, we can’t let our guard down." A predominantly Black, Brown, Indigenous and overall People of color community of Chula Vista, especially people who are sick and with disabilities including seniors are at greater risk of being harshly impacted with Covid-19. We must continue to keep our communities safe by remaining closed. With an option for students to return to school we risk gathering people who are asymptomatic infecting staff, educators, other young children who will bring it home to their families. This is a tragedy that the school administration are prioritizing a false narrative of "normalcy" during unprecedented times that put the lives, especially those who are most vulnerable at risk to catching COVID-19. WE MUST ACTIVELY DEMAND A NO TO REOPENING Chula Vista Elementary School District. They made this announcement unbeknownst to many school staff, educators and parents. They've also failed at properly informing parents the risk of returning to schools. We must Act Now. COVID-19 can continue to spread should we allow this to happen.

Join us at the next Chula Vista Elementary School Board District Meeting on October 14, 2020 at 6PM.

In the meantime, CALL The Superintendent, Francisco Escobedo and the Chula Vista School Board District and DEMAND SAFETY FIRST AND A NO TO REOPENING Chula Vista Elementary Schools.

Call & Email: 619-425-9600 x 1300
Superintendent, Francisco Escobedo

Call & Email Board: 619-425-9600 x 1300