Reduce the cost of school uniforms

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For the last few years the cost of school uniforms is increasing at a rapid rate. Logo shirts at primary school level is not needed, a simple badge to pin on school outfits on trips is more than sufficient and can be reused over and over again by all the children in the schools.

Most schools have now put a ban on sewing on your own badges to reduced price uniforms from supermarkets. Stop making us buy from approved sellers. Special skirts for primary schools isn’t needed, plain blue, black, or grey is more than adequate.

PE kits do not need to be branded unless your child chooses to play for the school in outside tournaments. 

Schools should provide shin pads and protective gear for students that can be used across all PE lessons for all ages. Share! 

A school uniform for one child can cost upwards of £200. This is extortion and a scandal. 

Stop the branded uniforms! Particularly in primary schools. Only blazers in High School need to be branded.

Uniform banks are popping up all over the country and this is concrete evidence that the cost is way too high for the average parent. 

I am a single mum and work 60 hours a week and can’t afford everything on the year 7 list, so I dread to think how the unemployed are managing. 

MP’s please help us!