Jaxon's Law

Jaxon's Law

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Started by Richard Flower


Jaxon was only 10 years old he was away  by lawless court involved professionals who are protected under outdated Porter County rules and feel as though they can set the rules and that the Court of Porter County Indiana allows it.  Jaxon is now subjected to untold abuse. Abuse that was presented and proven by professionals to the GAL

Divorce and custody matters are a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States.  Families are ripped apart due to inadequate protection under the law.  Parents are entrapped in a never-ending cycle, losing their life savings and property while children lose their college funds, all to pay court involved guardian’s ad litem (GAL), therapists, psychologists, and custody evaluators, who use outdated laws to their advantage with no accountability.  In Porter County, court involved professionals, including GALs, therapists, psychologists, and custody evaluators have quasi-judicial immunity which means parents cannot hold them accountable if they wrongfully recommend to a family and/or juvenile court removal of their child from their custody. Legitimate cases of child abuse are almost never investigated.  Parents are often threatened with contempt, incarceration, and dismissal of their counter claims if they challenge the conclusions and recommendations made by court involved GALs’, therapists’, psychologists’, and custody evaluators’. 

The most vulnerable, our children and their families in Porter County, deserve much better treatment in family courts.  Outdated laws must be changed immediately to protect our children and hold court involved professionals, who are entrusted with best interest of a child and their placement, accountable.  We must:

1.     Eliminate the corrupt bond that exists between the court involved professionals and family court lawyers.

2.     Set stringent deadlines on completion family court cases to prevent multi-year litigation that exploits families emotionally and financially.

3.     Remove the presumption that parents no longer have any rights and standing to proceed when a GAL is appointed in family court.

4.     Allow children to be represented by attorneys, who are not GALs and allow families to have a choice in the selection of an attorney for their child in family court; and

5.     Eliminate court involved professionals’ immunity and set accountability standards for these professionals in family courts.



(1) Allow parents to have a choice in hiring a counsel for a child in lieu of a GAL;

(2) Provide greater clarity to court orders involving the appointment of counsel and/or a GAL for a child.

(3) Provide parties to a family matter withstanding to remove counsel and/or GAL for a child appointed in such matter;

(4) Remove immunity from court involved professionals.

(5) Enact new provisions concerning the accountability of court involved professionals.

(6) Require the Judicial Branch to develop a publication that informs parties to a family law matter about the roles and responsibilities of counsel for the minor child, GAL and/or the court involved professionals; and

(7) Establish accountability standards and enforcement mechanisms for child’s counsel and GALs by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the Porter County Bar Association.

(8) Establish mandatory training program for all GAL’s and a continuing education program that must be completed every two years.



6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!