Parents right to choose, no vaccine mandates for children! No more Masks in class.

Parents right to choose, no vaccine mandates for children! No more Masks in class.

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Started by John Risch

Hello Parents, faculty, and educators,


We(the parents) declare medical autonomy for our children, this letter is about our freedom of choice as a Parent.

In records of Covid-19 cases of all age ranges,  children have a very low risk with regards to Covid-19 and its symptoms, and whether to vaccinate our children for Covid-19 is best left to us(the parents).  

There are no reasons for this decision to be dictated, and if given no option, we will be forced to remove our children from harm’s way. 


Vaccines do not slow the spread on infection, they reduce the severity of symptoms IF you get it, and therefore it serves no benefit to force this particular medication on children if the risk from the disease is less then the risk posed by the medication. 

Schools need to focus on preventative measures, and not medications.


We are our children’s strongest advocators, we know what medical conditions our children have and its our responsibility to decide what choice is best when it comes to medications.

The covid-19 vaccine has shown to have adverse reactions and while uncommon, it is a risk, in some cases doing more harm than good.

NO, do not dictate what our children will take as a medication. 
We will choose what to do with this information and how it applies to OUR CHILDREN.

YES Please provide us parents with the educational information and facts to what COVID poses as a risk to our children with regards to age.
YES Please show us the risks and potential symptoms of the vaccine as it relates to children with respect to age.


The Concerned Parents

The following letter addresses information about updated covid-19, and my opinion about masks in class.  It is a letter/email I wrote to the director at our local school. Please read, learn, and share, reuse to help our children and everyone around us to move forward for our children’s sake.


This message is addressed to Lisa Latimer.

As the director at iLead, I feel you are in a leadship position and greatly responsible for how our piece of the iLead pie is run.

I want to share a video, please watch it, its 11 minutes long and not something you can see on your own from public sources, something you have to  wade against the current to come across. Please watch it and be in the know, its only meant to be a stepping stone and can even provide some clarity to your own understanding and safety concerns as they might relate to the current state of Covid19.


I am not affiliated to the person that posted this or where it's posted, but a brief search of the Dr. that is the focus of the video shows a rather interesting state of strange hard to pinpoint defamation of this person, but if you dare to look past that noise to the words of people who know him and what he does, its easier to see the truth.

Our children are our future, and as we stand idly by they are loosing.  We may try to think we can muster through this and make the best of a bad hand, but we can do more.  We can share the truth and those of us that sit in a position to make a difference need to do so. For our kids.  I don't  know what more I can do, but i have to try, and I am asking you to try in anyway you can.  Masks are already known and proven to have little to no useful purpose, and it must be obvious to the teachers how much they impede learning. I was only in a classroom for 1min before I witnessed  the clear and obvious problems. My son was excited for his first day and wanted to read a poem that was on the table about school, and I couldn't hear him, his muffled words struggling through the mask was immediately and clearly awful.

We have reached  the point where Cov19 is a manageable common cold, and those that need protection have a vaccine if they should chose to have it. There is no good in masking children and we need to stop it.

It starts by giving people a choice. Wear a mask by choice not by mandate. Please do what you can to spread this message of hope for our children.

Thank you, 
John Risch




655 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!