Parents Against The Opening of Schools

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This petition is for parents who not only fear for the Safety of their children, but also for their communities. It is for parents taking charge and control over the safety of their children. 

Can you as a parent live with the thought that if your child gets infected, and hospitalized, that you won't be able to visit or be at the bed-side of your child? This is what the Minister wants us to agree to.

Up till now, the DOE didn't give us any assurance with regards to the safety of our children, as predicted we will reach our peak in August/September, why would we willingly expose our children to this reckless decisions.

Parents in favor for schools to remain closed until we have reached the peak, and more clarity and assurance is given to parents with regards to the safety of our children should please sign this petition. 

Let us get a 100  000 signatures!