NO to Field Trip, YES to Social Action...

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    One of our major concern is the field trips that are done by grade 7 to grade 12 students outside Bacolod. In these trips they spend a minimum 2 nights with their batchmates in resorts or hotels.  There are various reasons why we oppose these trips mainly because of safety, security, cost, discrimination and bullying.  I, myself, is not anti-field trip because I know our children learns a lot because of traveling and these field trips are one way to do that. However, there are bad things happening in these trips which the teachers cannot control. There is no more Fr. Su whom the students will be afraid of if they violate any rules.  What is more alarming are the teachers telling the students not to tell their parents of what transpired.  

            The most common denominator of complain for majority of the parents are the cost of these field trips. These trips cost more than a months salary for a regular employee which I believe constitutes the majority of our school. These hard earned money can be used for the family to travel and still learn from these travel not with their classmates but with their whole family, thus fostering a more family approach 

          Instead of these field trips, why dont we bring back the Social Action we used to do in SJI.  In this way, we can teach our children to be aware of the current state in the Philippines in terms of poverty level and being abandoned as a result of poverty . This will teach them not to take anything for granted. If you complain about small stuff, think about the others who have less or none at all.

         With all these exposure, travel with family and schools social action, we think we will be molding our children to be better individuals and as a true Johnian

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