We the undersigned want the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board Superintendent Fired.

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The families of St. John the Baptist Parish deserve a change in school leadership. For the last few years we have had to fight with Superintendent Kevin George to do the right thing for our children to no avail. Mr. George refuses to allow the public a chance to discuss issues with the school board which makes us wonder what he’s hiding. We are concerned with transparency due to the board refusing to allow parents and community members to speak at board meetings.

We, the parents of Laplace Elementary School, have lost trust in Mr. George’s ability to make fair decisions. We are also concerned about unethical behaviors. Repeatedly Mr. George has required the public to follow board policies, but he refuses to follow the policies he was sworn to as Superintendent. For example, Mr. George fired one of the most competent, educated, and passionate principals the district had with no explanation as to why the change was made. These actions were taken without following board policies or input from parents about her removal as well as her replacement. Why would we/parents, want to replace a passionate principal for a principal who speaks to our children like they are of another species? Mr. George does not live in St. John Parish, so his children don’t have to endure the pain of walking into a classroom and wondering what, not only the students will do to them, but the teachers as well. This is not okay. I don’t mistreat my children in my home. I don’t want them to be mistreated at school. We had a principal who addressed those issues, made an impact on the students and parents, and we want her back. Because, we weren’t given the opportunity to speak with our Superintendent regarding this matter, and we were given the, it's my decision and what I say goes attitude, we are asking for Mr. Kevin George to be replaced.  His actions show no concern for our children and the horrible situation they've endured as students of Laplace Elementary for the past few years.  The principal that came in this Summer and worked with our students for only a few short weeks make drastic changes to our school and Mr. George was intimidated by that.  Because, Mr. George can't seem to separate business from egotistical personal feelings his job should be Superintendent of someone else's children.  Our children deserve better.

“It’s All About The Children”