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Come to a Fair and Reasonable Agreement With SEA

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SPS, it's time to put your money where your mouth is and TRULY support  students and teachers by coming to a fair and equitable agreement by September 9th. The SEA put forth reasonable contract requirements, and you've refused to meet their requirements. 

As parents, we are proud to support Seattle Education Association in voicing the following needs for our students and our schools:

A reasonable recess. Schools in certain parts of SPS receive as little as 15 minutes a day for recess. Research does not support removing even more of kids' very limited free play time for more 'instructional' time. Kids need fresh air, free play, and social interactions to grow and learn! And, teachers need more than 15 minutes a day for instructional preparation and yes, a hard earned lunch break.

A reasonable school day. It's simple: don't increase the length of the school day, if you can't fairly compensate teachers for the increase in time spent in the classroom. 

A focus on learning, not more standardized testing. Our increased focus on test scores vs. learning is hurting our students- especially Washington's most vulnerable students. If you're looking for a way to increase instructional time, let's start with testing! Reduce time focused on tests, cut non federally mandated tests, and let's spend time in the classroom doing what's best for kids: LEARNING.

No more tying teacher evaluations to student test scores.  Let's put the focus back where it should be...on teacher and student support as we transition to changes in the curriculum.

Establish much needed race and equity teams in Seattle schools. After explicitly setting the goals to see more boys of color get ahead in Seattle schools, there's been no progress! Support teachers in making real change happen for underrepresented students in Seattle.

A living wage for teachers. At a time when cost of living has escalated considerably in the greater Seattle area, cost of living adjustments have stalled for teachers. Teachers, who often unfairly spend their personal resources on supplies and resources for kids, should not also be worried about making ends meet. Do what you should: pay fairly and equitably for the hard work our teachers are doing every day to educate Washington's kids.

Implement Caseload Caps. Overloading school psychologists, speech pathologists and other school staff reduces their ability to be effective with students who need school resources most! Properly staff and fund our schools, so counselors can focus their attention on the right amount of students.

We, as parents, believe a fair and equitable agreement can be met before September 9th. Instructional time is being lost every day your administration is not taking this seriously. We STAND with teachers on this, unified and determined to see change in our schools. So, please, do what's best for our students and teachers. TRULY fund our schools.




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