Let Our Kids Wear Regular Clothes to School

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Marshall County Schools requires that our children wear uniforms to school. They say it reduces bullying and helps reduce distractions for the kids, but for each study that support this, there are more that deny the claims. Its a fact that it forces us to buy two sets of clothing for our kids each year. This is expensive with one child, let alone three, four, or five.

1. Uniforms place a large financial burden on the parents, families, and local support services. This burden is especially prominent in families with several children and/or single income families, where the cost of uniform can be dramatically increased by additional number of children or the lack of multiple earners. Traveling to larger towns to shop for uniforms add incremental fuel charges and can be very time consuming, using sometimes up to 2 weeks out of their summer break. We also consider the extra load(s) of laundry this creates throughout the year. Washing more clothes creates extra electrical, water, and detergent expenses to add to the parental burden, all due to the implementation of uniforms.

2. The main logic for requiring uniforms is to hinder bullies. We understand that MCSD wants to eradicate bullying in its schools and has tried to use the uniforms to further these efforts, but bullying is still prominent. Bullies are always going to be a problem, regardless of what clothes our children wear. For every study supporting claims that uniforms reduce bullying, there are studies that refute these claims. Bullying is a problem that can only be solved at a home level.

3. Uniforms are uncomfortable to the students and often create a struggle for special needs students. Uniforms, especially the less expensive (read: affordable), are often made of uncomfortable materials that are not flexible or maneuverable for the students, causing them to tear and require repairs or replacement, which in turn requires more money spent.

We would like for the MCSD uniform policy to be withdrawn and replaced with the following universal dress code:

Pants- Blue jeans or other types of pants that are neat, free of rips and tears, and without excessive embellishments

Shorts- Must be no more than 3 inches above knee, but of any color

Skirts- Must be no more than 2 inches above knee, but of any color

Dresses- Must be no more than 2 inches above knee, no spaghetti straps or low cut neckline, but of any color

Shirts - T-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, no tank tops, no spaghetti straps, no halter tops, no midriff shirts, shirts must be at waistline, no bras should be visible

Shoes- Shoes, boots, and sandals of all colors should be allowed. No house shoes.

Jackets- Any color or style should be allowed

Belts- should not be required, especially in elementary schools or for special needs children

No baggy or sagging of any clothes will be allowed, all pants, shorts, or skirts much be worn at waist line.

No drug, alcohol, tobacco, or other offensive symbols allowed.

No cleavage showing allowed


Implementing this dress code instead of uniform policy will help our community in the following ways:

·         Reduced financial burden placed on parents for uniforms

·         Provide parents with money to fix or replace children's every day wear of clothes

·         Keep students comfortable during weather changes

·         Removes extra electrical and water bills throughout the school year

·         Money spent on uniforms could be spent on additional supplies needed throughout the year to reduce the burden on teachers to supply their classrooms out of their own pocket.

·         Most importantly, focus will go back to teaching our children, not worrying about what color their belt or shoes are.


Many people complain about the uniforms but nothing ever comes of those complaints. Now is the time to tell the school board how we feel! Join your fellow parents in signing this petition and hopefully we can bring about change!!