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Make Lynnewood SAFE for ALL STUDENTS!

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It has been almost three weeks since another parent and I shared our experiences at the  Jan. 11th School Board Meeting (click the link to watch the first 6 minutes of the video to hear our experiences).  In those nearly three weeks, more information has been shared.  I personally have received multiple texts, emails, phone calls and private messages on Facebook about other situations that have occurred involving reasons that Ms. Gordy should not be teaching in our school.  Below are some of the experiences shared.  

A 2nd grade boy was pulled down the hallway after not agreeing to hold her hand and bruises were left on his wrist as a result in Sept. of 2016.  

A 5th grade boy was hit with an open hand after "not sitting in his seat properly" in Sept. of 2017.  

A female student shared that while in class, Ms. Gordy threw a pencil case at her.

A 2nd grade boy was not allowed to use the facilities while in her class even though he had a doctor's note explaining that he had a medical condition.  

It was also noted that some favorite memories at Lynnewood included, "Getting hit by Ms. Gordy's cane", "Ms. Gordy throwing her shoe at me because I was too giggly", and "Mrs. Gordy hitting the projector with a marker".

There are parents who feel that Ms. Gordy is a good teacher, but would a good teacher do these things to our children?   Should a teacher who doesn't know how to properly discipline a child be allowed in a classroom with our children all day long?

When we drop our kids off or send them to school on the bus, shouldn't they come home a day older and a bit smarter?  Shouldn't we be able to trust the teacher that they are assigned to keep them safe from harm while they are without us?  

We have an amazing school filled with an amazing staff, but there is one member of that staff that does not seem to believe in the mission of the school and our district, stated below.  Eliminating her position in our school would make Lynnewood SAFE for ALL STUDENTS!  

The mission of the School District of Haverford Township is to educate and to inspire a community of lifelong learners. 

The beliefs of the School District of Haverford Township are:
- Excellence in education is the shared responsibility of all community members.
Support and conditions must exist whereby all students can meet the standards set in the areas of academic and technical learning, the arts, and physical development.
- Our school environment must be safe and nurturing.
- Opportunities must exist for students to develop strong personal character including the core virtues of: honesty, generosity, responsibility, self-discipline, perseverance, respect for others, compassion, and commitment.
- Change is constant; therefore, our district must reaffirm or to revise the Comprehensive Plan.

Please sign this petition if you are uncomfortable having your child be in class, either now or in the future, with Ms. Gordy as their teacher.  

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