Do not cage our children in Horry County Schools

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Horry County School Board has voted to install plexiglass barriers around students desks at all Elementary Schools and will extend to other schools after. They say it is to get kids back into the classroom. Yet they have not thought about the psychological stresses and anxiety learning it causes young children now. As well as the long term affects of building plexiglass cages and isolating our children. They state they follow DHEC guidelines. Yet what they dont tell you is that they asked DHEC for recommendations. DHEC does not require any of it and the recommendations are just suggestions to enhance closer social distancing in schools. Also DHEC,South Carolina Department of Education and the States Superintendents Office as well as the Center for Infectious Diseases has allowed me to quote them against these cages built by our school board. The Center for Infectious Diseases stated that children 12yrs of age and under are at almost no risk of severe symptoms from Covid-19. The biggest issue is they are asymptomatic and become carriers to others. Horry County Schools are worried about their staff and that is understandable. So instead of caging our children how about a better way to seperate the teachers and staff at risk. These cages are wrong!!! The psychological reprocussions of isolating our children in a plexiglass cage is simply unacceptable. I attended and spoke on this subject at the December 7th school board meeting. I will attend and speak at the next meeting and bring this petition to show how many parents disagree with what they are doing. Please parents let's stand up for what is right for our children. These poor kids need normalcy not more self imposed restrictions and especially not cages.