Save our Kids' Health: Limit Air Pollution on Campus & Increase Outdoor Play Area

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Many IC students' parents have been protesting, for few years now, about the pollution generated from the new preschool building construction site and the health issues it poses on their children (headaches, respiratory issues, asthma, allergies).

IC is now imposing, again on preschool students, toxic air pollution from the new construction & renovation projects of the old preschool building and playgrounds in IC Ras Beirut Campus. Many parents feel quite frustrated that IC is taking so lightly issues affecting the health and well-being of their kids.

We would like IC to request additional requirements from the contractor of the new construction sites of the preschool building & playground:

  •  Limit the dusty construction work to after 2 pm in order to minimize the toxic air that the children are inhaling. This includes work such as:  Heavy machinery; Demolition; Handling and carting away of rubble and other construction generated spoils out of school.
  • Stage the construction in a way that the most polluting stages are done during the afternoons,  holidays and  summer vacation. 
  • Ensure that the machinery used on site is equipped with appropriate particle filters and soundproofing to minimize the noise and air pollution on the students.

2. Extremely Limited Outdoor Play Area

The closing of two large playgrounds at the same time could have been worked around to ensure that preschoolers have a decent outdoor space to play in. 
No indoor space area can match the importance for children to run around and play outdoors. At the end of the day, IC's tuition is among the highest in the country and we expect in return that our kids enjoy a decent and healthy play area and environment.

In addition, the lack of outdoor space poses important risks such as the inadequacy of evacuation area in case of fire and emergencies; To where will the preschool students be evacuated in case of fire or natural disaster, given the limited outdoor space? This is quite a concern.

We would like to request from IC to:

Keep half of the upper playground, the part which is closer to the new building, untouched by the construction site during school term. This way preschoolers can enjoy a decent size play area which is an extension to the limited 'olive tree' outdoor space in the new building.

3. Other Concerns & Room for Improvement

  • Limited Toilet Facilities for GS/KGII: Two (2) toilet facilities for 120 students (6 preschool classes in the middle school building) is unhealthy and should be improved.
  • Antenna on top of the new preschool building: Parents have concerns about the placement of the signal-receiving antenna on top of the preschool building. Ways to improve the reception while minimizing the damage on preschool students should be explored.