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Reinstate David!

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David Higareda has been an outstanding Director at ECKC, and a wonderful resource for our children.

The recent incidents, while regrettable, should have been a learning opportunity for all, not an occasion to effectively fire an excellent teacher.

ECKC, and Palo Alto Community Child Care, should have used the incident as a springboard for continued training for all providers, David included. The matter should have ended at that point.

David's removal has meant that our children have instead been denied the mentorship of an outstanding teacher. 

Our children struck a wonderful rapport with this teacher and we'd like him back.

We respectfully request his immediate reinstatement.

We look forward to meeting you ASAP to discuss this.

ECKC Parents

(We have taken this initiative without consulting David. We have simply been shocked at the nature of this action.).

An update: 

This is a response to the  parents who were written in stating that David  placed our children in unsafe situations. As I said before, I did due diligence before starting this petition. Below, please find a list of all the citations going way back to the year 2010.

3/1/2016: Picking up children. Type A.  This is the violation that ostensibly got David fired.  David has already explained the context.  

12/30/14:  A child left the facility / was picked up without staff noticing. Type B.  I believe some of us received a notice about this incident them.  

7/31/14:  Net allergy  complaint.  Apparently, a food item packaged in a facility where nuts were processed was served. Type B.

5/21/14:  Some child brought medication with them, and the bottle spilled out of her backpack.  Type A.

2/27/14:  Patches missing on the metal ramp;   loose carpet strings;  poorly maintained facility.  Type B.

 2/29/10: A child left the facility / was picked up without staff noticing. Type B. 

The  March incident is regrettable, and definitely a learning moment.  As for the other incidents, it seems to me that, as with all cases involving people, the blame lies with more than one person. It is not even clear that David is responsible. I will however leave you to judge. 



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