Implementation of Amendments Dated June 2015 in Delhi School Education Act & Rules

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Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi
6, Raj Niwas Marg, Ludlow Castle,
Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054.

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
E Block, Central Secretariat, New Delhi- 110001.

Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs,
Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block.
Central Secretariat. New Delhi-110001. 

We are  parents of  Delhi State and from past many years, we are continuously suffering due to inabilities of Directorate of Education to curb the acts & activities of commercialization, apparent profiteering & non compliances of dozens of provision and orders of DOE by private school managements. It is a admitted fact that the private  school managements doesn’t cares to honour the orders of DOE & always give twisted, vague & irrelevant excuses & self suited interpretations to implement any rules/order in true spirit.

The reason for such failures of DOE to curb these issues does not appear to be deliberate but only due to weakness, flaws and deficiencies in the age old governing DSEAR 1976, which has turned out to be a totally ineffective & useless governing law qua such commercial minded organizations.

We parents at large understand that DSEAR amendments as recommended by Delhi Government are very vital & absolutely necessary to curb the acts of commercialization of education, profiteering & diversions of money by large number of private schools in Delhi.
DOE till date is acting like a powerless governing department which has no authority to govern & control the atrocities of private schools in state, and the private school managements at largel have left no stone unturned to loot innocent parents in every manner.
There are huge number of instances to illustrate the commercial activities of private schools in Delhi but the bigger question here is in absence of stringent legal provisions, how DOE can help these parents.
The surrounding states of Delhi have already amended their education laws long time ago & huge legal reforms are now available for protection of Parents & Students, and Delhi despite being capital city is still living with laws formulated about 5 decades ago.
The education is the core to any society and future of nation is dependent on same, but in absence of strict laws & policies available the DOE has become an direction less department, who is itself helpless how it can help, govern & protect others.
We Parents of  Delhi State hereby request you to look at these issues with broader vision & accede to our request and proceed to get the proposed long pending amendments in DSEAR notified & applied through Govt. Of India,  As the delay in notifying the amendments will dilute its purpose & the reliefs will not be available for huge number of parents.
We also understand that the Delhi State & Central governments are currently having differences of political ideologies etc, but now the time has come those political leaders should understand that short terms political gains of a few are not bigger than continuous sufferings of huge number of students & lacs of parents, who are getting indirectly looted for several hundreds of crores every year, by private school managements.
The fee payable to private schools for no reasons have crossed all the limits of salaries & wages of a common man, neither the schools obey the DOE, nor they have any respect or value for orders / officials of DOE. And in this time of economic slowdown the only hope for parents at large is immediate controlling measures to curb the private school managements.
You are requested to please commence with the process to bring in force the suggested amendments in Delhi School Education Act & Rules Dated June 2015, so that the DOE has sufficient powers to curb the acts of commercialization & profiteering of schools and the spirits in which DSEAR was laid down in 1976 is maintained.