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50 % Increase in school fees Bombay Scottish school in 2017

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This has reference to the circular dated 03-Apr-2017 regarding payment of fees for the academic year 2017-2018 where the annual fees has been increased to Rs. 90,000/-.

This is a significant increase of 50% on the annual fees of Rs. 60,000/- paid for the previous academic year 2016-2017. At the second GBM of the PTA held on 13-Jan-2017 we parents were given to understand that the main reason for such a sharp increase in the fees was to facilitate payment of incremental salaries to the teachers as per the 7th Pay Commission in order to retain and attract good quality of teaching professionals.

While we respect the cause and the good intention of the school management to safeguard the quality of education, such a quantum escalation does pose a substantial burden on us parents, a significant segment coming from the middle-class.
We had a 20% increase in fees before commencement of the academic year 2013-2014 ; 25% increase before the academic year 2015-2016; and now a 50% increase!!! This kind of a trend every 2 academic years is petrifying and brings disturbing thoughts as to whether this institution, standing tall in its values, integrity and commitment to provide education of excellence, is going to be privy to only the financially privileged segment of parents.

Respected madam, we request the school management to give some consideration and relax the percentage of escalation in fees. We fervently urge you to consider this request with compassion.
Alternatively, if this cannot be done, we request the school management to please maintain the fee-structure at the same level, post the increase to Rs.90,000/- for the next 5 academic years so that we are not burdened with escalations on such a large fee-base.

Respected madam, we were informed at the GBM that the school believes in transparency and would have no reservations to share the underlying financial computations to justify this sharp increase in the fees. May we then request you to kindly consider sharing these details with us to enable us a better understanding of the reasons compelling the institution to take this step.

Lastly, the manner in which this decision was taken and implemented - we were informed at the GBM that it has been done in a perfectly legitimate manner as per the current guidelines governing the issue. However we feel that, since the PTA members in the Executive Committee are "representatives" of the parent-body, and in view of the scale of impact that this decision would have on us parents, every Class Representative (CR) should have ideally communicated to the parents of the respective class, prior to giving their consent on behalf of us parents. We hope that this is not an unreasonable expectation from us.

Even the provisions under point # 6 (3) of Chapter II of the Maharashtra Act No. VII of 2014, published on the 21-Mar-2014, pertaining to the regulation of collection of fee by educational institutions in the State of Maharashtra, allow the Executive Committee a period of 30 days to grant its approval from the date of receipt of the details of the proposed fee.

Therefore, going forward, may we request a review of the roles and responsibilities of the PTA members towards the parent-body and hope for a structure that will facilitate taking the larger parent-body into confidence particularly in situations which would impact them so heavily.

Clearly, a healthy partnership between the parents and the school management, in all spheres, can go a long way to build a sound foundation for achieving greater heights and success by this prestigious institution.

Respected madam, we truly appreciate the support you have rendered throughout the year for various concerns expressed by the parents. With the confidence that we have in your leadership, we request for a meeting to kindly address the concerns of more than 300 parents in respect of the issues recorded above.






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