Protest Against illegal fee hike in Diamond Jubilee High School, ICSE, Mazagaon

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Dear Parents,

As you all are aware that we have been handed over a new fee structure along with the report cards of our children and we all are in shock about way the fees has been hiked.

Before we proceed further you all be informed that in all private educational institutions the structure of fees and also the amount of fee to be paid is decided by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This PTA consists of representatives elected by the parents amongst themselves from each class and division and the teachers who represent the school management. The expenditure is estimated for the coming academic year and the Co curricular activities for each standard for the year. This expenditure is divided by the number of students in each standard across all divisions and then the fee structure is achieved for that particular standard.

This process has to be transparent and parents should be informed atleast about 4 months before the start of next academic year.

If at all the PTA finds that the expenditure has increased and the fees need to be hiked then it is done mutually. But to prevent any exorbitant fee hike the government has put a cap of 15% every 2 years for fee hike and it cannot be hiked beyond this.

But in our case nothing of this sort has happened. Neither the expenditure were discussed nor given any valid explanation for the fee hike. Even after protests from the PTA the fees are hiked and we are informed only recently when we have got our children's report cards. Also the management have taken the maximum cap fixed by the government as a bench mark to hike the fees.

So to protest against this illegal way of hiking the fees we are running this campaign. Parents please participate and support this campaign by signing it.

Say that you are against this illegal fee hike.