Remove the SGB and principal at Atamelang Primary School in Naledi, Soweto

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The principal has been running this school mafia style. The SGB were lobbied and the principal himself chose people to sit in various positions within the SGB, so as to protect his shady dealings. Kids have been donating R5 every Friday, of every Week, during school days . Parents have demanded to see the financial statement of the school to no avail for the past 8+ years. Churches utilise the school on Sundays and pay a monthly fee of R300 and there are 6 known churches to be paying this money. Recently the principal invited an NGO by the name of Iso Lempilo without consulting the SGB to provide administrative help. Turns out the NGO was a bogus NGO and he allowed it to run in the school putting the kids in danger by allowing strangers to operate in the school premises. Some of the additional members of SGB and parent body in the SGB have complained that ,they were not included in most meetings and most meetings are done deceptively. Thus we do not have any faith in the Principal and the current SGB and we propose there be a new Principal hired and New elections  held to find new SGB members.