Read to Sting

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As part of the Paws to Read program, Sting and his owner, John Muellner, appeared at the White Bear Lake Library in Minnesota with Sting eagerly awaiting the delicate and loving words of a child reading to him. Tradgedy struck as the duo found out that no one had signed up to read to Sting, and with heavy hearts the two sat there waiting... to no avail.

I know this petition certainly isn't as important as some of the other ones out there but I don't think that detracts away from the fact that almost any petition you sign is something you can feel good about, something you won't regret. So please sign this petition so we can reach more people and achieve our goal.

If you would like to help Sting find some reading buddies, please contact the White Bear Lake Library by phone or website about the Paws to Read program. Sting will be there once again on the 21st of Feburary from 6:30 - 7:30 waiting for any 4 to 8 year old to read for him.

If you are a Parent in Minnesota with a child that likes reading, please don't miss this chance!