Keep Queen Of The Rosary Catholic Academy open in Williamsburg

Keep Queen Of The Rosary Catholic Academy open in Williamsburg

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Lisa Mancini started this petition to Parents and

On Thursday, July 9, 2020, the QOR parent/guardian community received a startling electronic communication that our school would be shutting down permanently as of Monday, August 31st.

This petition serves as a unified message to the board and diocese to strongly reconsider this decision particularly for QOR. 

While we acknowledge the prelude of details in the decision making process, such as struggling finances and operations, we will not sit back without a fight for what is right for our children who consider QOR their second home. 

We will be ready to share our public declarations on the scheduled Zoom meetings to the entire board. 

We innately feel such an aggressive life change for all QOR students will deeply affect their mental and emotional wellbeing, and while we respectfully feel gratitude for the roundup of alleged resources to help with sourcing a new school, we in no way feel confident this help will span the magnitude of what will truly be needed. 

Though it seems so obvious to state, need we remind the entire diocese that the COVID-19 CRISIS is still affecting the world, and that does not exclude our community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. How are we to safely and confidently navigate a completely new school search during a pandemic? 

We are hurt by the exemption of the decision making process, particularly the Home Academy. Had we been given fair and just forewarning, we believe we could have helped raise capital, secure secondary plans, etc. Having the rug pulled from us and our children during a pandemic is wrong. 

Below is a copy/paste of the communication sent from the school. 

Remember, we need to ask ourselves why jeopardize our children’s health during the ongoing battle of COVID-19 if we have the built-in ecosystem of being “small but mighty”? Private schools that already had smaller class sizes and spacious buildings may be able to accommodate more children in person than most public schools.

Read the entire statement from the Catholic Schools of BK and Queens on their Facebook page. This is a disgrace to the 6 schools.

QOR is the last catholic school in Williamsburg. This deserves to be protected!

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


It is with deep sadness that we must announce that your school, Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy, will permanently close effective August 31, 2020, joining many other Catholic schools in the region and across the nation that will not be reopening in the fall of 2020.

The COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating impact on so many families, businesses, churches and schools. The pandemic and ongoing uncertainties have taken a toll on the enrollment and finances that we could not have foreseen six months ago. Following an extensive financial and operational review, it is simply no longer possible to reopen the Academy.

To explain further how we have arrived at this moment and answer any questions you may have regarding the decision to close, we invite you to participate in a Zoom meeting onJuly 14, 2020 at 4:00PM. Please link into the meeting by going to:

We also want to assure you that opportunities exist for your child to continue learning at a Catholic School. A second Zoom meeting will take place on July 20, 2020 at 6:00PM, using the following link: At this Virtual School Fair, representatives from nearby Catholic Academies will be on hand to offer information about their programs and application process.

To further help you in making your child’s transition to a Catholic school, the Diocese of Brooklyn, through the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Trust, is providing a one-time $500 financial grant for each Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy child enrolling and attending a Catholic elementary Academy or School in Brooklyn or Queens next year. For those who meet financial eligibility for additional tuition assistance, additional scholarships are available through the Futures in Education (

Though this announcement is a source of pain and disappointment for many of our families, Catholic elementary education in Brooklyn and Queens remains resilient and hopeful as we face the challenges of the moment. Our teachers and administrators are as committed as ever to offering your child a quality academic program in an environment of faith in Jesus Christ and care for the development of the whole child. We are grateful to you for the sacrifices you have made to send your child to a Catholic school for the formation of mind and heart that will be of benefit throughout life. It is our hope that you will remain within our network and find a Catholic Academy that best meets your child’s needs.

Know that you remain in our prayers as we ask our Lord Jesus for His protection and blessings on you and your loved ones.

Sincerely in Christ,

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D
Chairperson, Board of Members


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!