Keep Lasell The Way It Is!

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Lasell College President Michael Alexander has presented the idea of merging together with Mount Ida. As a student who chose Lasell for many different reasons, there are so many flaws to this potential merge. As there were meetings held February 26 to inform faculty and students of this potential merge, there were a significant amount of concerns and very few answers. As a Lasell student, there are specific reasons that I chose to come to this school. I came to Lasell for the small classrooms, a close working relationship with faculty and staff, a sense of home and community, and many other reasons. By merging with Mount Ida, the community and atmosphere of Lasell College would be destroyed. There would be no more "Lasell College" as it would now forever be affiliated with Mount Ida. Not only would academics be altered by this merge, so would athletics, clubs and organizations, campus life and many other aspects of Lasell as a college. The students, parents and faculty are all voicing their strong opinions on how this would negatively impact Lasell as a whole. This petition is to show how much our community means to us here and how strongly we feel about staying true to who we are.