Remove Mask Mandate for Students in Palm Beach County School District

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September 2020 Governor Ron DeSantis  lifted the mask mandate fines in the state of Florida and no businesses nor individuals may be fined for not wearing a mask.  The School District Palm Beach County is ignoring the Governor's latest order 2020-244 and forcing children to wear masks regardless of that child's overall well being.  A blanket policy of masking children is not only ineffective but for many students like my own children can cause tremendous psychological harm and potentially long term negative health consequences.  All we ask is that masks become an option for those who are still suffering from those negative effects of mask mandates.  Currently children must wear a facial covering and are told through verbal instruction from staff employees that it is required to cover their nose and mouth the entire school day.  That includes when they are at their individual desk, outside at recess or doing anything other than eating during lunch.  (Writing that last sentence was mind numbing to say the least).  Please sign this petition so our children and parents  can be free to choose what is best for them,  not a one size fits all blanket policy that our Governor has already addresses for adults.  Thank you for your time and effort to support and sign.  Please consider sharing with like minded individuals.  Children are our World's future!!