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Incorporate Pregnancy Prevention/Sex Ed Courses in Homes and Classrooms

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"The only way to fix a problem is to understand it and address it's need for change." CMD

They say that you should start educating your child on sex education by age 5 because if you don't start then- by the time they're teenagers and you try starting there, you've lost them. They will be too uncomfortable to talk about it. Sex and all it's "wonder" begins at an early age and I know first hand having been a child once and now from being a parent. If parents can start at home and take the "less conservative" approach, avoid shunning the topic and just answering with "wait till you're married" about the subject, we may be able to help change the world.

We have teen pregnancy, abortion and over population challenges that happen every day. Causing strain on relationships on families and friendships everywhere. About 400,000 American girls age 15 to 19 give birth each year... that's just in America. Worldwide, 38% of pregnancies were unintended in 1999 (some 80 million unintended pregnancies in 1999). Let's face it... this is not the 50's anymore when "conservative" was more the norm. We have passed the "free love" stage of the 70's and now in 2012... nothing is conservative anymore. People flash their chests at cameras now! Times have changed and so have people. We need to adapt. Many schools are ridding home eq classes leaving kids today to not only not how to sew a button on their shirt or cook dinner... but even more importantly- how to even raise a child and the "sacrifices" it requires on their "freedom" to do so. If we can help raise the awareness of premature parenting and the purpose of being responsible or even abstinent there can be less strain and brokenness in this world.

I believe they should implement more Pregnancy Prevention and Sex Education Classes in the school system and require the CURRENT parents to take a parenting course in how to better help educate their own children on prevention and safety in this subject. Early child sex abuse and molestation are also some of the contributing factors that can later lead on to promiscuity/intimacy disorders. You HAVE to start teaching safety at a young age.

Sex is always going to be happening regardless but everyone should do their part to help improve its over abused "privilege" to have it in the first place. This will make the world a better place for all. The United States requires licensees to fish and licenses to drive... how about a license to parent. "Say I."

Christina M. Delgadillo
Southern California Resident
TURN Clothing Company/Product of Change

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