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Parents disapproval of Crosshouse Primary Segragation

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This petition has been formed to bring to light the disapproval of the proposed segregation of Crosshouse Primary School and the manner in which it has been dealt with.

As many parents were made aware there are plans to extend the school to make more room for the growing number of the communication center classes within the school. This unfortunately means separating primaries 5,6 and 7 from the main building and moving them to the nearby community center.

The very idea that those of us that have children in the upper classes being moved has understandably been met with some anger and some poorly answered questions.

Why should those of us with children in Primary 7 and are in their last year there spend the last 6 months not in the building?

What is to happen with lunchtime where the kids will have to leave the community center and walk across the road to the school canteen?

What about the kids who have younger siblings that will be looking for their big brothers or sisters, have they basically just to be left to get on with it?

This is just a few of the questions which will be brought up and will need better answers than "to suit the communication center kids".

These questions are basically just the tip of the iceberg with issues arising. There is still the problem with Primary 7 monitors, have they to walk back and forth as and when they are required? Not to mention the parents who have more than 1 child to pick up and cant be at 2 schools at once.

Not only is there outrage at the thought of the segregation but the way it has been dealt with hasn't been fair at all. The parents were handed letters on the last school day of 2017 which was by no means coincidental. This seems to be a cop out as there were expected issues that would be easier not to address before the Christmas shutdown.

The bottom line is they no longer have the facilities to provide the education our children deserve (Communication Center & Mainstream) because they have used Crosshouse as an overflow, now all of the children are suffering & the 'solution' they have came up with is completely inadequate & ill thought out.

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