Parents & Caregivers of children w/ R​.​A.D. & Complex Trauma are FALSELY ACCUSED too often.

Parents & Caregivers of children w/ R​.​A.D. & Complex Trauma are FALSELY ACCUSED too often.

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Your Honorable Judge Hudock Judge Hudock

Why this petition matters

A devoted mother was convicted of Child Endangerment in September of 2021, after following the advice of experts in raising a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, among other serious Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders.

A child that after listening to the experts, you, Your Honor, found to be incompetent to be a witness. 

The actions taken by a parent to secure the life and safety of a mentally ill and physically dangerous child will seem extreme to those who have never experienced it. But are most definitely necessary, and experts have and will agree. 

We appeal to you, Your Honorable Judge Hudock, to consider that this mother has never shown herself a danger to her family and her community in any other instance outside these allegations, and conviction by the Jury, (currently or in the past), her 7 children have never been taken away from her, and that she is an active person who volunteers immensely in her community.

We ask Your Honor to consider her active and helpful involvement in her community as a basis not to remove her from it. We ask that you would consider that her past and present actions outside of the ruling of this case, are peaceable, law abiding, and helpful to her church, family, and community. We ask that you consider a peaceable stay-at-home mom of seven to remain with her children and not be removed from them. We beg for leniency and mercy.

We ask as citizens, members of society, parents, and caretakers, that you grant leniency to a mom trying to do her best with an impossibly hard situation. We appeal to your judgment for sentencing that all of the above and especially her 7 children that have already suffered so much fear and trauma, throughout this process, be a part of your decision. 

-Concerned Citizens 

*If this can happen to her it can happen to anyone. 

1,488 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!