Warren County School District and WAEC Issues

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When I first thought of my child starting Kindergarten I was worried about a lot of things. I was worried about her riding the bus for the first time, worried about her getting through the long day, worried about her making new friends and adjusting to such a new and busy school. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought what happened and is still currently happening, would ever be an issue. 

My daughter is now only 4 months away from completing first grade at WAEC. First off let me tell you, her teachers and every other teacher I know and have heard about are amazing at what they do. They try very very hard to make their classrooms have the absolute best experience and learning environment possible daily. However, do to the No Child Left Behind act along with the Policies and and Procedures of WAEC, our children are suffering daily. 

My child, whom is 7 years old, has experienced behaviors, witnessed actions, and even has been the victim of things no child,  let alone a child her age, should ever have to endure or witness. This all starting in Kindergarten and unfortunately is still continueing to happen.

There are so many disturbing things that she has witnessed and observed daily in her classroom, since Kindergarten, that I could write all day of what those incidents were. However, I will only 'brush' the topic vaguely of the past year and a half of her school experiences at WAEC. From incidents of her teachers life being threatened in a thought out manner by another student and witnessed by the entire class, my daughters life being threatened by a student, my daughters classroom having to leave the room multiple times a week while a student has an anger outburst, including but not limited to, hitting and punching the teacher, throwing items, jumping off desks, swearing, cussing, kicking the classroom door and screaming, scissors being thrown, pencils  being poked at other students by other students, ect ect. This has been 2 school years of these type of situations happening. Not only in my childs classroom but other classrooms as well. It is not good for our childs mental or physical health to be exposed to these types of behaviors daily. I have spoken many times to WAEC about my concerns and some of the school board employees. Although Im told that there are systems being put in place for these kids with behavioral issues, nothing seems to change. My child and your child(ren) are and is still being exposed to these types of outbursts daily. So as a parent worried for not only my childs mental health and well being, Im also worried for yours. If you're a parent like me, dealing with these types of situations in your child classroom or have been, at WAEC, please sign this petition and share! Even if your are a concerned Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, caregiver ect. PLEASE SIGN! Our voices need to be heard LOUD and CLEAR that we want CHANGE, BETTER EDUCATION, SAFER CLASSROOMS, MORE SUPPORT IN OUR CLASSROOMS, NEW POLICIES AND PROCEDURES PUT IN PLACE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HELP OUR CHILDREN HAVE A SAFER, BETTER EXPERIENCE, AND EDUCATION AT WAEC. THEIR MENTAL HEALTH, SAFETY, AND OVERALL WELL BEING IS BEING JEOPARDIZED AT WAEC. Sign now and be their voice. Our children need us to speak up for them. 

Thank you, 

A concerned and fed up PARENT  





 *I will be taking this Petition to the school board meeting. Please join me...updates will come soon.


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