Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery

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I am starting a petition for plastic surgery. Although some people may reason that vanity can cause someone to be addicted to changes and alterations of one's appearance, most instances of plastic surgery is for a positive change. Bullying is an issue in today's society because of social media and the desire to be accepted. Plastic surgery can help by having someone alter their minor imperfections while also boosting their self esteem. Additionally, plastic surgery can help for medical reasons as someone may want to have a nose alteration so that they can breathe better or a breast reduction to alleviate back problems.

We live in a free society so that people can make their own decisions about their appearance. If they have the financial wherewithal and the desire to have plastic surgery, by all means they should be allowed.

Personal story
Nicolette was a child model (she once graced the cover of Parenting’s sister magazine, Babytalk!) who broke her nose twice—at ages two and eight—leaving it disfigured. After getting teased multiple times a week, both in school and online, the family decided to take action and scheduled an appointment with a surgeon this past summer.