A safe drop off zone for children of the tdsb, which unfortunately is not the street.

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The TDSB and Toronto Police are using the death of 3 innocent children as an excuse to force us to drop off and pick up our children on the street. If we do not use the street and use the roundabouts are driveways instead we will be given tickets for $250 and upwards. The reasons this is not a sound solution are one, because the 3 before mentioned children were struck on the streets. Two, all these cars on the street will reduce visibility for oncoming traffic when children who walk home are doing so.  Simply put it will be harder for oncoming traffic to see pedestrians through the sea of cars forced by the threat of expensive tickets onto the road. The solution is to create a safe drop off zone off of the street, away from traffic. This will eliminate the bad visibility of the hoard of cars on the street. As well, it will not force our children to exit cars in oncoming traffic.