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Time for new leadership from someone who has the kid's best interest at heart.

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This petition calls for Ronnie Elliott's job and outlines 35 years of Chicago style corruption and bullying. This petition describes Ronnie Elliott as more of a mafia boss than a manager of children's sports. This petition wasn't intended to be a simple check yes or no. This petition requires folks to put their name, address, and other personal information. This petition is not designed to assess whether Ronnie Elliott handled a single task poorly. The petition is a voice for a group of people that have been subject to his mob like tactics and are tired of his piss poor management of people and children's recreation.

This petition represents individuals that are truly angry about the status quo and are willing to stand by their conviction... whatever the repercussion

Ronnie Elliott has long been known for making up bogus rules and requirements for rec teams that are not required by Dizzy Dean. The most recent rule is him forcing both Mt. Carmel 7u boys baseball teams to "redraft" because a sore loser coach from another county rec team complained after his team was outplayed by one of the Mt. Carmel teams. This coach had two families transfer from his park to the Mt. Carmel park due to his lack of coaching abilities and selfish endeavours. When these two former players were part of the team that beat his team in an invitational tournament, he went to Ronnie Elliott, head of county parks and rec, and complained that one Mt. Carmel 7u team was stacked with elite players. R. Elliott demanded both 7u teams redraft midseason, but he demanded 4 specific players to be moved to the other team, which is not how a draft, per dizzy dean rules, works. Ultimately, both 7u teams are being dismantled by R. Elliott and his changing of the rules anytime he wants. The draft was done fairly, and within the guidelines laid out beforehand by R. Elliott and Dizzy Dean rules. We, the parent's and family's of all children involved in county rec sports, demand that Ronnie Elliott either step down or be removed from his position as the head of parks and rec for Madison County.  Furthermore, we demand our county commissioner, Roger Jones, to act in the best interest of our children and not allow these unfair, biased decisions to be made by Ronnie Elliott. There wasn't an ivestigation, the facts were not looked at, and we were not allowed to appeal or question or even have a say in his decision. He handed down his verdict without contacting and questioning any of the park leaders, coaches, and parent's. This cannot stand. Our children will be the ones impacted by this and they are the ones who matter most. If Ronnie Elliott refuses to put our children first, Ronnie Elliott must go. We also believe that Elliott's replacement should be chosen from a pool of individuals selected by each rec center in Madison County. We should have a small part in determining who will be our next parks and rec leader. There is already a named successor, chosen by Elliott, and we do not support OR TRUST him making an important decision such as this. We fund these programs, therefore We should have a say in who becomes our next leader over all Madison County rec programs. We would like to clarify that our intentions for this petition are not solely for the 7u boys Mt Carmel teams. We are doing this on behalf of every child in every rec program throughout Madison County. If we allow this to continue, it's only a matter of time before your child and your rec center falls victim to R. Elliott and his tactics. We believe that our children are the ones who matter most, and they are the ones who are impacted the most by Elliott's tactics. We are their voices. We are standing up for them. #LETTHEMPLAY

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