Children's Freedom of Choice

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Children's Freedom of Choice

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Usually, the fighting among parents and children has not changed throughout the decades, and any “child support” schemes have attempted consolation to no avail, proven to fail in its duty, and in fact, instead of protecting them from REAL dangers and promoting unity, the child support schemes encourage adversity and wrongful blame that only stirs up families further propagates it. The people can do much better at protection and unity when such scams from the authorities are removed from society. If these programs are meant to “help”, then why do I still hear that children are getting beaten and the government encourages such behavior. The children get bullied at the educational institution, which the parents either stay idle and do nothing about it, or they get angry at the child for not complying with the standards of the educational institution. The authorities only show concern, when it earns them money (that they never give back to the people),  and if it is a feminist person being so-called “portrayed” as the “victim”.

Do the authorities do anything about children getting beaten by politically conservative and government drone-like parents that see their children as tools instead of human beings?

Do the authorities do anything about the countless children being killed by the sacrilegious elite in countless  many of the sovereign states around the Middle East (e.g. “Palestine”, “Syria”, “Afghanistan”, “Iraq”, “Iran”, “Saudi Arabia”) or raise awareness in order to bring the issue to light?

I suggest the world, give children the ability to actually leave their parents and live with whoever they know (either without leaving the house, or the child could also leave the house), if there are issues which are quite hurtful to the child regardless of the time it happened (past/present/future), and also to remove these ineffectual child support programs, as the programs are failing its “purpose” because as children still get beaten and yelled at every day by and any good adults fail in their duty to unite with children to raise them positively, with an open and sound mind.

Maybe perhaps, any buildings/centers with the “child support schemes”, before closing down, can invite their patients to its location, for two times, before they are closed down, just to be fair. Also, the people who work at those buildings could actually make a positive contribution to being a caring guardians to its patients? And charity homes could also be built.


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