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Prevent or reduce the risk of head injuries of Kansas High School 7 on 7 football players

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Currently, helmets are not being utilized during Kansas High School 7 on 7 football passing league play.  This is putting the players at great risk for head injury such as concussion, fractures, and lacerations.  This league is designed as a passing play, non-contact activity but with players running at high rates of speed with their eyes on the football in flight, collisions are likely to occur.  Our son pictured above was injured in a blind collision with another player and sustained a bilateral jaw fracture and concussion.  This resulted in surgery to wire the jaw shut and 6 months of recovery to come without any athletic participation.  Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHAA) does not sponsor this league; according to KSHAA, the respective member schools are not allowed to utilize school owned helmets due to the non-sponsorship.  They do however allow helmets to be used for member school's non-contact summer team camp which seems quite contradictory.  We live in a day and age where football safety is becoming more emphasized across the country by the NFL, colleges and other states; and yet KSHAA still turns a blind eye to the simple usage of a helmet in 7 on 7 league play.  We ask that KSHAA begin sponsoring this event (with subsequent school helmet usage) OR change policy so that member schools may utilize their safety equipment (helmets) and require usage for 7 on 7 football passing league play without KSHAA sponsorship.  

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