Rethinking the 2020 Fall Re-opening plan for Valley Stream 13

Rethinking the 2020 Fall Re-opening plan for Valley Stream 13

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Please take a moment to read this- your child’s education depends on it. It’s images like these that we have all come to know very well over these past 3 months. We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way, shape or form. Education has taken a particularly hard hit as Educators had to quickly transition from instructor-led teaching to online. We realize that this is not what was imagined when one decides to go into Education.

The plans for Re-opening in the Fall 2020 have been submitted to the state of NY Dept of Education by all NYS district public schools on 7/31/2020. If you  have not reviewed these plans as yet for our school district-Valley Stream 13- I encourage you to click the links below to review.

Full reopening plan VS 13

Video presentation of reopening plan VS 13

In these plans, our students in the Valley Stream 13 elementary school district are getting short changed. Valley Stream has the resources, yet their plan calls for barely any live, virtual teaching and the option for all virtual for those that may be uncomfortable sending their children back in such uncertain times,  does not exist unless the said child/children has a documented medical vulnerability. Meanwhile, our neighboring, non-Valley Stream school districts, have that option available for all families if they so choose.

Also, for the days that cohorts of students are home/remote,  3/4 of their day is to be spent doing "independent work". What does that mean? These are elementary school children, not college kids. These children need to be taught with livestreamed, virtual teaching so they can feel part of the class even when they are not there physically. These kids got more than enough of the independent work from March-June when barely any teachers were actually teaching.

Their budget was passed in a revote on 7/28/2020.  The monies that they have for services that our children cannot use (since there cannot be any afterschool clubs, activities and sports due to COVID) can and should be repurposed to allow for funding for whatever it takes to teach our kids properly (more technology, more tech training for the teachers, etc).

In the plan, Mondays are when the children are to be all remote, however on that day the students will get 1-2 hours maximum of total live teaching and learning. This includes "whole class" + "small group session" + "support services". The plan states they are given the "opportunities" to meet with a certified teacher for "support services" after lunch.  This should not be an opportunity, it should be a given and requirement that the students will be meeting with their teachers virtually, especially since they are only getting 30 minutes in their small group virtual session...for the entire school day!

For the hybrid remote days, the plan uses language that states teachers have the "flexibility" to include the cohort of kids that will be remote during a certain day, into their lesson. Why is this not made a requirement? The VSCHSD has their plan in place where the kids will also be in cohort groups and the kids who will be remote will receive live streamed virtual instruction simultaneously in order to maintain continuity of instruction.

There have been numerous calls and conversations had with the assistant superintendent and superintendent, all of which have lead to bare minimum results.

Please sign this petition if you want to see change. This petition is asking for:

  • Improved remote learning plan that includes more live virtual teaching
  • Simultaneous live stream for the kids that are remote so they can be part of the class virtually with the cohort that is in person
  • Transparency in the rationale as to why the VS13 reopening plan has so many areas where these kids will be learning independently when these are the ages that need the most live teaching to meet their foundational learning needs.
  • The option (in addition to not instead of the current options) for "All Virtual" if a family does not feel comfortable sending their children in to school-this should not only be for kids that are on a learning plan or have a medical diagnosis/vulnerability (i.e. 504).

These teachers are getting paid full time to teach full time yet the majority of the reopening plan has the children completing independent work when they are remote.  When the kids are able to meet with a teacher, it will be a teaching assistant or an aide-not even their actual teacher. We need to lean on our teachers more as they have had the whole summer to process and accept our new normal, it’s time to act!  If this has to be the reopening plan then it needs to be better. The district needs to do better. Our taxes are funding their approved budget and our kids deserve better. We pay too much in taxes to settle for mediocrity and that is what we are being given.

Strength comes in numbers and if you want better for your child’s education, be a part of the change to make that happen. By supporting this petition you are calling for change and stopping the politics, which has no place in our children's education.

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