Advocacy for parents to Focus or understand their Childs declining mental health

Advocacy for parents to Focus or understand their Childs declining mental health

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With the current times factors such as unhappy childhood with overbearing parents or other major figures such as teachers, poor academic performance at school leads to a lack of self-assurance. With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of factors can be seen that can affect someone's mental health. Well, even before this but we can't deny that the pandemic made it worse. Yearly, cases concerning mental health are increasing. Lockdowns have impacted everyone's lives. It made people grappling for uncertainties. New responsibilities, drastic adjustments, some stressful life situations, school works, and a lot more.


Others cannot keep up with the new modality of learning, the modular and online class. Some cannot handle the pressure given by their parents, cannot balance household chores and responsibilities from their school works.  If these problems piled up, it can trigger something negative in the student's mind and might lose their sanity. Parents should regularly check on their children. I know that they are having a hard time too but their child is one of their responsibilities. Observe and understand if they're struggling. Deal with them in a gentle manner; not adding fuel to the fire by insensitive remarks and pressuring them.


To reach out everyone, either the parents or children to be aware and have a deeply understanding and knowledge about mental health of a person and ways on how every individual help, cope and improve their ways of solving the problems other people around them and also including oneself. Healthy mental health can benefit in many ways, it can promote a healthy workplace for the child which can positively result in increased productivity and benefit from associated economic gains. It can also elevate our moods for higher self-esteem and a greater sense of inner peace.


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46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!