Educational Tyranny

Educational Tyranny

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Petition to
Parent's of Students in Public Education and

Why this petition matters

Started by Robert Smith

Specific Issue:

On September 30th, David Wissler (School Board member of Ephrata, Pennsylvania School District) spoke to a group of parents at a public town hall meeting.

We are seeking (recorded) documented evidence of his remarks, and this petition is an affidavit of signers, that the below statements are a truthful and accurate representation of his remarks:

If anyone comes to the upcoming school board meeting without a mask, two members of the board can agree to have the police remove the person from the building and charge the person with criminal trespassing under PA Title 18 Crimes and Offenses.  (This is a threat, and coercion based upon a misrepresentation of Criminal Trespass on Public Property)

David Wissler stated he swore and oath to uphold the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Constitution and the United States Constitution when he took office as a school board member and is presently acting in the capacity  under that oath.

David Wissler stated that he voted affirmative and passed the mandatory ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan, which he admitted violates the rights of parents as stated in the Constitution.

David Wissler will need to furnish (based upon PA Right to Know La) that he had documented an objection to the lawfulness of requiring parents and students to enter a modified contract for educational services in violation of the Constitution.  Absent of this evidence, David Wissler, will be served notice of crimes in violation of 18 USC 241, 242 and 42 USC 1983.

All individual who attended this event, signing this petition are affirming the correctness of the bulleted statements and will further engage in presenting personal service of Color of Law Violations to David Wissler the private person.

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!